General Sales Conditions

Price of the stay

No dispute concerning the price of the stay can be taken into account after booking. It is up to the tenant to assess, before signing, whether the price suits its. The following charges are not included in the rental price and will be included in the contract: tourist tax, paying options possibly taken out by the tenant.

Booking condition

After receiving your reservation, we will send you a confirmation by email. The amount of the reservation, the terms of payment, any options and the security deposit are indicated. Once the reservation is made, you confirm your full agreement with the general conditions of sale specified below. Please note that without payment of the reservation, it is not confirmed and that, therefore, we reserve the right to recover the rental. For tenants who are not French residents, payments must always be made by transfer to the bank account, which will be indicated to you, all bank charges remaining the responsibility of the ordering party.

Length of stay

The tenant rents our accommodation for a fixed period, recorded on the reservation, and may not under any circumstances invoke any right to remain in the premises. In general, the rental cannot be extended without the prior written consent of the owner, the tenant thus accepting it. The lease automatically ceases at the expiration of the fixed term, without the need to give notice. If you wish to stay in our house, you must spend a minimum of 2 nights and a maximum of 30 nights.

Cancelation conditions

The tenant can cancel his rental at any time. However, we keep your attention to the consequences of canceling a rental reservation: It entails the perception of variable costs depending on the date on which it occurs. The following scale is applicable, payable by the tenant: You cancel more than 30 days before entering the premises, the cancellation fee will be 0% of the amount of your rental; you cancel between 30 and 3 days before entering the premises, the cancellation fee will be 25% of the rental amount; you cancel less than 2 days before entering the premises, the cancellation fee will be 100% of the rental amount. These cancellation costs can be covered by cancellation insurance to be taken out individually by the tenant. Whatever the reasons for the cancellation, the tenant must notify the owner by letter or email, the date of receipt of this notice determining the scale to be applied. The tenant who did not notify the owner would be required to pay the balance in full. If a case of urgence makes it impossible to make the accommodation available (urgent unscheduled work, water damage or various damage, climatic hazards, etc.), the full amount paid will be refunded to the tenant, without he can claim subsequent reimbursements. If a health crisis appaers, we will refer to the ordinance relating to the financial conditions for the resolution of certain tourist travel and stay contracts in the event of exceptional and unavoidable circumstances or force majeure. Any interrupted or shortened stay, or any service not consumed, does not give rise to any reimbursement. Even in the event of repatriation, it is the tenant’s responsibility to take out appropriate insurance.


We ask you to check that you have comprehensive resort insurance and to send us one if necessary. The insurance intervenes in the event of cancellation of the rental for reasons of death, accident or serious illness, it is valid from the day of the reservation request until the end of the rental.


For all furnished rentals, a security deposit is required (deposit). This deposit will either be reserved on your credit card or by delivering a check from you on the day of your arrival: it will be retained but not cashed. The deposit is not cashed, except in the event of non-payment of charges and possible damage. It is canceled after the inventory of fixtures or, at most, within 7 days of the end of the rental. The tenant agrees to use the rented premises with care. The tenant will assume, in addition to the rental costs, all damage caused to the accommodation, as well as the cost of replacing any lost, destroyed or damaged item. The tenant is liable for any damage that he or the accompanying persons may cause intentionally or through negligence.

“Swimming pool” disclaimer

It is up to our tenants to take all the necessary precautions for the use of these facilities, in particular, if they are staying with young children and must provide supervision. The tenants acknowledge that they fully release LA JAYETTE from liability in the event of an accident occurring to themselves, their family, or guests. In order to avoid any risk of accidents, we ask that you take particular care of young children. We are aware that the swimming pool meets the safety standards imposed by the French legislation and intends to prevent the risk of drowning by respecting the use of the safety curtain. The swimming pool safety curtain must never be left open without a responsible adult around and/or in the swimming pool. The tenants acknowledge the proper functioning of the safety curtain when taking charge of the rental and fully release the owner from liability in the event of non-compliance with the rules transmitted. All malfunctions must be reported as soon as possible. No compensation can be or will be claimed by the reservee(s). Ball games and others are authorized provided that the facilities in place are respected (any damaged or destroyed equipment will be charged to the manager). The use of buoys and other equipment is the responsibility of the tenants.

Tourist taxes

The tourist tax was introduced by law on April 13, 1941. It is established on any person who is not domiciled in the Community of Communes, who does not have a residence for which he is liable for housing tax, and who stays in commercial accommodation. This tax collected by the Community of Communes aims to promote tourism development and ensure the promotion of the territory. On the one hand, it is donated to the budget of the Rives de l’Ain – Pays du Cerdon tourist office and on the other hand, it is used to finance action linked to tourist frequentation. This charge is applicable per person over 18 and per night, decided and voted by the Rives de l’Ain Community of Communes, and payable to the public treasury by the owner. It is on the contract and is due before arrival.

Payment methods

You can book and pay for your stay by:

Credit cart: here is the list of accepted cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, and JCB.

Par virement bancaire : you will receive an e-mail with the bank details of the company so that you can pay for your stay. If you choose to pay for your stay by bank transfer, you must pay the full amount 10 days after booking: valid if booking less than two weeks in advance. Beyond that, we will be obliged to cancel the reservation and release the accommodation. If you book several months in advance: more than two months, you will be able to pay for your stay in several installments. We ask you to have paid us the entire stay for 1 month maximum before your arrival date.

– Cash: any payment in cash is authorized up to a maximum amount of € 1,000.00. A 30% deposit will be required to confirm the reservation. You will receive an e-mail with the bank details of the company so that you can proceed with the payment of your stay.

Check-in and check-out

The owner receives the tenant who made the reservation (and not a third party) for the handing over of the keys and for the arrival formalities. The tenant must arrive on the day specified when booking and at the time agreed in advance with the owner. The tenant must inform the owner by telephone on +33 (0) 6 82 75 75 60 or by email:, of his arrival time so that the owner can organize himself and be present to welcome him. during the aforementioned reception time slot. The condition of the premises and the departure will also be decided between the two parties and must be respected. We insist on respecting the agreed time: the cleaning staff intervening on very short deadlines and on several accommodations, we ask you to make it easier for them, as we asked the tenants who preceded you. As this rental has only been granted on a seasonal basis, the tenant agrees to vacate the premises on the date and time specified in the contract. Having also its domicile indicated as the address on the reservation, the tenant does not have the right to sublet.

Occupation of the house

The rental must not, under any circumstances, be occupied by a number of people greater than that indicated on the reservation, except with the prior and exceptional agreement of the owner. If necessary, the owner may refuse the provision of accommodation if he can not ensure that the tenant will respect the maximum number of people provided for the rental of the accommodation, and in this case, no refund whatsoever. that it is the tenant cannot be considered. Bachelor parties and other parties of this type are prohibited in our locations.


The owner cannot be responsible for the neighborhood and their animals. The owner cannot be held responsible in the event of the possible presence of mosquitoes and various insects, spraying odors, or irregularities and/or lack of enjoyment that may occur in the electricity services (power cut. WIFI in the event of wind and/or bad weather), of mobile telephony, etc… and declines all responsibility for lack of use not resulting from its fact. Likewise, the owner cannot be held responsible for the weather, preventing the tenant from fully enjoying his stay.

Obligations of the owner

The owner is required to:

– Deliver the leased premises in good working order and repair, as well as the equipment mentioned in the contract in good working order.

– Ensure the tenant the peaceful enjoyment of the rented premises and guarantee vices and faults likely to hinder them.

– Maintain housing in good condition for its intended use.

– Provide the services specified when booking and the rental description (towels, sheets, linens)

– Maintain and update a summary statement indicating the information relating to the establishment, the number of people having been accommodated, the number of nights taxed, the reasons for exemption and the amount of the tax collected

Obligations of the tenant

The rental is returned to the tenant in a perfect state of cleanliness and storage, the appliances are clean and in perfect working order, the premises (interior and exterior) do not show any signs of degradation whatsoever. Otherwise, it will be mentioned on the “inventory” sheet upon your arrival.

The tenant is required to:

– Recognize that the seasonal rental is concluded as a temporary residence and pleasure. The premises may not be used as a main or even secondary dwelling and the tenant may not practice any commercial, craft or professional activity there.
– Behave as the head of the family and ensure the good maintenance of the accommodation during the stay.

– Return the rental just as clean and tidy at the end of your stay (depending on the cleaning option chosen).

– Furniture and movable objects must only suffer from depreciation resulting from normal use for which they are intended. Those which, at the end of the rental period are missing, have not been maintained or have been taken out of service, for a cause other than normal wear and tear, must be paid (or replaced by the tenant with the consent of the owner). This clause also applies to painted walls, door frames and buildings in general (interior and exterior).

– Forcing yourself to use the furniture and objects furnishing the accommodation for the use for which they are intended and in the places where they are located. It is strictly forbidden to transport them outside the rented premises (in particular bedding, crockery, chairs, etc.)

– Do not sleep on the mattress pad, bedding, pillows or duvets. The price of washing or cleaning the latter will be retained, if applicable.

– Do nothing which, by his own doing or by the fact of his family or his relations, could harm the peace of the neighborhood or of the other occupants.

– Absolutely refrain from throwing in the sinks, baths, showers, sinks, toilets, etc … objects likely to obstruct the pipes (wipes, tampons, sanitary napkins, etc …), otherwise, it will be liable for the costs incurred for the repair of these devices.

– Immediately inform the owner of any damage and damage occurring to the accommodation, even if there is no apparent damage.

– Respond to damages and losses that occur by his own act or by the fact of people of his house, during the enjoyment of the accommodation, unless he proves that they took place without his fault or that of the above-mentioned persons. designated.
– Respect and pay the tourist tax per person, depending on the number of nights, the age of the tenants and the amount decided and voted by the Rives de l’Ain Commune Community. In the event of a dispute, the application of article R.2333-57 of the CGCT, the customer liable for the actual tourist tax will be brought, depending on the amount of the tax, before the Tribunal d’Instance or de Grande Instance and will be tried free of charge.


The tenant agrees not to bring any pet or pet (dog or cat) into the accommodation without prior authorization from the owner. The possibility of detention being subject to the fact that the animal does not cause any damage to housing or any disturbance of enjoyment in the neighborhood. Warned in advance, the owner will then only accept one pet in the accommodation. However, we ask that you avoid leaving your pet alone and unattended. Any animal accepted must, however, under no circumstances and at no time, climb onto the beds and / or chairs and / or armchairs and / or sofa.

Inventory of the accommodation, inventory of furniture and equipment

The inventory of fixtures is established between the parties, upon entering the premises of the tenant and upon release of the premises by the tenant. In this regard, it is specified that furniture and movable objects must suffer only from depreciation resulting from the normal use for which they are intended. Any lost, broken, deteriorated or damaged appliance, material or household appliance must be replaced or reimbursed at its replacement value by the tenant who agrees to do so. The cleanliness of the rental must be noted between the two parties. The cleaning of the premises is the responsibility of the tenant during the rental period and before his departure. The amount of any cleaning costs is established on the basis of calculation mentioned in the description of the accommodation.