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This site uses photos that belong to us, Maison La Jayette. Any use without authorization would constitute an infringement, sanctioned by articles L. 335-2 and following of the Code of the intellectual property which judges the infringement as a misdemeanor, and provides for up to three years of imprisonment and 300,000 euros of fine. Some of the other photos we use come from the platform that gave us the right to legally use them following the purchase of them on their site, through a subscription: www.shutterstock. com.
Here are the images and icons in question:
– Icons: Altop Media, icons and icon fonts for online shops and websites / Shutterstock;
– Icons: Other icons belong to the theme of the site, which gives us the right to use them;
– City of Lyon: Ricochet64/Shutterstock;
– Family cycling in the countryside: Africa Studiometa/metaShutterstock;
– Boats on the lake in the mountains: Vouvraysanmeta /metaShutterstock.